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Acting Classes

Acting For Children 

Course Overview

This Acting For Children class caters to children of all experience levels as they explore the techniques of acting through individual and group exercises, text, scene, and monologue work. Emphasis will be on process, character work, scene structure, language, style, imagination and collaboration. Students progress at their own level and may take this class over-and-over again.  This course will also focus on:

  Skill Development - students explore acting and movement as it applies to text
•  Teamwork / Collaboration - students work together to develop various scenes
•  Communication - students gain confidence and the skills to speak in front of large groups
•  Personal Development - Exploring theater and characters in relationship to ourselves

Kids With Painted Faces


Days: Monday & Thursday
Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Cost:  $1000
Register: $250 - Two additional payments of $375 a month for two months

Acting For Children Ages 6 - 13 Sep. 23  - Nov. 21 Closed Closed

Private Lessons / Perfecting Auditions

Course Overview

Auditioning for performing arts schools, productions, or preparing for an upcoming showcase can be daunting and often difficult to stand out amongst the many other auditioning hopefuls. Those who gain acceptance into the best theater schools have worked hard and are prepared. In addition, they have mastered unique skills that will let them handle anything thrown at them.

You can choose between Acting or Musical Theater with instructors and professional actors Elizabeth and Tristan. They will become your coach and mentor, helping to perfect your auditioning techniques and enabling you to make a lasting impression. Past students have been accepted at universities across the country and musical conservatories.

Acting Class


Instructors: Elizabeth & Tristan 

Time: By Appointment

Cost:  $80 per hour

Dates: By Appointment

Course Objective

  • Creating your Book: Working One-on-One you will build your audition book of theater selections and monologues
  • Video Analysis: We video tape and critique your audition material together
  • Building a Role: Recently been cast?  We will work with you to prepare you so you are confident with any upcoming role
  • Callback:  We will create a focused, well-thought out character ensuring your success in a callback
  • Mentor: We will mentor you throughout the audition process
By Appointment  All Ages Closed