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Musical Theater Play

2019 Acting Summer Camps

Summer Camp Programs

Our Summer Camp Programs consist of musical theater play productions and theater classes.  

Musical Theater Plays

Course Overview

Students have an exciting and wonderful time producing and performing in a variety of musical theater plays. Each day camp is a new play where students will learn the audition, staging, and performing process while incorporating the New Jersey Educational Theater Standards. Students will learn core acting techniques (Singing, Acting, Dance) while developing their life skills in planning, organizing, collaborative team-building, and self-confidence!

At the end of each program, family and friends are invited to attend the musical theater final performance at the Barrow Mansion Theater.

Little Mermaid


Monday through Friday
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cost: $1,400
Discounts: Use promo code at checkout
Register: Register for this class with a $300 deposit - Balance spread over 3 monthly payments

Musical Theater Plays Offered

Play 1 (3 weeks) Ages 5-15 Disney's
The Little Mermaid
June 20 - July 12  Closed  Closed
Play 2 (3 weeks) Ages 5-13 Seussical
A Dr. Seuss Musical
July 15 - Aug 2 Closed Closed


Improv Acting

Course Overview

Students learn the essentials of Improv through exercises and games to build the ability of supporting each other on stage and make instant choices when working on scenes. We focus on enhancing a student's spontaneity, impulsiveness, creativity, playfulness, and imagination all while developing one’s theater and interpersonal skills.

• Skill Development - students explore acting and movement
• Teamwork / Collaboration - students work together to develop various scenes
• Communication - students gain confidence and the skills to speak in front of large groups
• Personal Development - Exploring theater and characters in relationship to ourselves

Improv Acting


Days: Monday through Friday
Time: 9:00 am –3:00 pm
Cost per course: $1,000
Register: Register for this class with a $300 deposit

Courses Offered

Improv Acting Age 6-16 Aug. 19th - Aug. 30th Closed Closed

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