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Musical Theater Play

2019 Acting Summer Camps

Summer Camp Programs

Our Summer Camp Programs consist of musical theater play productions, musical theater classes as well as an extended day camp consisting of singing and improv acting. We offer either 1/2 day or full day.  Drop off as early as 8:30 A.M. pick up by 5:30 P.M.

Musical Theater Plays

Course Overview

Students have an exciting and wonderful time producing and performing in a variety of musical theater plays. Each day camp is a new play where students will learn the audition, staging, and performing process while incorporating the New Jersey Educational Theater Standards. Students will learn core acting techniques (Singing, Acting, Dance) while developing their life skills in planning, organizing, collaborative team-building, and self-confidence!

At the end of each program, family and friends are invited to attend the musical theater final performance at the Barrow Mansion Theater.

Musical Theater Class


Days: Monday through Friday

Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Cost: $1200

Discounts: Use promo code at checkout

Call to reserve class with 3 equal payments or pay in full on-line

Courses Offered

Play 1 (3 weeks) Ages 5-13 Disney's
The Lion King Kids*
Jun 25th - July 13th Closed
Play 2 (3 weeks) Ages 5-13 Disney's
Aladdin Kids
July 23rd -Aug. 10th Add To Cart
Play 3 (2 weeks) Ages 5-13 Disney's
Aristocats Kids
Aug. 20th - Aug. 31st   Closed
Play 4 (3 weeks) Ages 10-18 Into the Woods Aug. 13th -Aug. 31st Add To Cart

*Disney's The Lion King - Casting parts will begin on the 27th to accommodate all schools. You may enroll for a start date of the 27th.


Extended Day Camps

Extended Day Camps

Students in a theater play, or musical theater classes may select the Extended Day Camps. Drop off as early as 8:30 A.M. pick-up by 5:30 P.M.

Course Overview

Extended day camps are designed to provide students a full day after the musical theater summer camp program.  Extended camps are either Improv or Singing-for-Acting.

Improv: Students will participate in fun improv through games and fun exercises supporting each other on stage and learn to make instant choices, song interpretation.  We develop student's spontaneity, impulsiveness, creativity, playfulness and imagination all while developing their theater and interpersonal skills.

Singing for Acting: Student learn singing and the essentials of musical theater acting techniques, and dance. They will learn how to fully realize a character through acting a song. 

As student's work and progress at their own level for both of these classes, many students take multiple sessions to continue building their skills. 

Improv Acting


Days: Monday through Friday

Time: 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Price: $100 per week 

Courses Offered

3 Weeks Extended  Camp (Improv) Age 5-13 June 25th - July 13th Closed
3 Weeks Extended Camp (Singing) Age 5-13 July 23rd - Aug. 10th Closed
3 Weeks Extended Camp (Improv) Age 10-18 Aug. 13th - Aug. 31th Add To Cart